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Certified Intuitive Reiki Master, sound healer. 
Owner of Reiki Method LLC and South Shore Reiki.

Corporate wellness programs have evolved in recent years. Employers are regarding holistic well-being as an integral part of their overall workforce strategy.

Reiki is an energy healing method that works well in a professional environment. Reiki Method combines intuitive reiki and sound healing to balance the body and mind, promoting wellness and reducing workplace stress. Below are some of the reasons companies are incorporating Reiki Method into their corporate wellness program:


  • We come to you - Provided a spare office, conference room or quiet area, we create an ideal environment for reiki sessions. 
  • Tailored scheduling - Scheduled routine visits are tailored to fit company’s needs (Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, or Quarterly).
  • Minimal time commitment - Employees electing to participate will receive 30/45 min sessions.
  • Seamless - Sessions are conducted seamlessly without interfering with the office environment.
  • You are covered - Reiki Method LLC is fully Insured. Practitioners are certified at the Reiki Master level with years of professional experience.
  • Simple billing and scheduling - Corporate or individual employee options are available. Option to manage Vendor, Enrollment, Payment, Booking, Vetting, Due Diligence and Insurance certificates via secure, on-line Espresa platform.  
  • Privacy - Reiki Method practitioners are extremely respectful of employees' privacy. We create a safe environment that allows employees to focus on the experience. 
  • We care! - Our goal is to give each employee a positive experience that helps them feel energetically restored and ready to reach their true potential. We are passionate about our mission and it shows in each and every session.  

Making self-care convenient.  Finding time for self-care, mindfulness, and energy health are common challenges for most of us in the workforce.  At Reiki Method we are committed to providing convenient, holistic, and uplifting healing sessions that will invariably promote employee well-being. 

How Reiki Can Help Your Team?


Stress has the potential to negatively affect one's job-performance and personal life. Mary has a unique ability to tune in to an individual's energy and help to realign and balance the body. Sessions are relaxing yet uplifting and help restore energetic balance.  

Reiki Wellness Program with Pinterest


Mary makes bi-weekly visits to the Pinterest office in NYC to provide a full day of sessions with employees. These reiki and biofield tuning modalities align with Pinterest's corporate wellness program. 


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